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Traffic congestion is an ever increasing problem in towns and cities around the world and local government authorities must continually work to maximise the efficiency of their highway networks whilst minimising any disruptions caused by incidents and events.

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Modern traffic signal control provides an important tool in the traffic manager's toolbox for managing the highway network and SCOOT is the world leading adaptive signal control system that responds automatically to fluctuations in traffic flow through the use of vehicle detectors. Many benefits are obtained from the installation of an effective Urban Traffic Control system utilising SCOOT, both reducing congestion and maximising efficiency which in turn is beneficial to the local environment and economy.

  • World leading adaptive control system
  • Customised congestion management
  • Reductions in delay of over 20%
  • Maximise network efficiency
  • Flexible communications architecture
  • Public transport priority
  • Traffic management
  • Incident detection
  • Vehicle emissions estimation
  • Comprehensive traffic information