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UTMC - Urban Traffic Management and Control has been developed through a large programme funded by the Department for Transport. The primary goal of UTMC is to deliver better tools which support the pro-active management of the urban traffic mix, essential if wide ranging local transport objectives are to be met. Such policy aims now include public transport priority, improved conditions for vulnerable road users, reducing traffic impact on air quality, improving safety, restraining traffic in sensitive areas and managing congestion.

SCOOT has been at the heart of the demonstration stage of UTMC and has been enhanced to maintain that position. The use of time-stamped data in SCOOT MC3 enables suppliers to produce systems that can exploit both modern packet switched communications systems and the UTMC data transmission protocols.

An example UTMC system with typical components is shown below. The UTMC specification will allow authorities to add components around their SCOOT systems as needs arise and funds permit.

Diagram showing SCOOT as part of UTMC

The synergy between SCOOT and UTMC has been exploited in the UTMC29 demonstration as can be seen in the York and Preston case studies.