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Preston SCOOT

With the application of the Peek and Siemens FEPs as part of the Preston UTMC initiative, Peek have been able to test SDSL and fibre communications connectivity with our intelligent outstation ( I-OUT).

Nine Peek l-OUTs were trialled in conjunction with 9 Siemens Gemini units, running simultaneously on the SCOOT system. Each I-OUT was connected to one or more controllers / detectors and this is reflected in the number of SNMP requests made to each I-OUT.

Communications between the In-station and the OTU occur every second with the In-station successfully setting control bits and reading the response bits. The average data throughput for the Peek I-OUT is approximately 1,160 bytes per second per OTU, although this depends on how many pieces of equipment are attached to the OTU and which facilities are been used.

The ongoing running of the system over SDSL and fibre since 4 August 2004 has proven the flexibility of the Peek I-OUT and the interoperability between multiple systems.