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Current Research and Development

Urban traffic scene

SCOOT is under a continual programme of research and development. Ideas and suggestions from users and developers contribute towards new features of SCOOT. The programme is aimed at developing SCOOT to take account of new technology and to meet the requirements of the traffic manager. Much of the work is funded by the UK Department for Transport and Transport for London. In addition, the owners of SCOOT, Peek Traffic Limited, Siemens and TRL, sponsor a programme of improvements to suit the users' requirements.

Current Research and Development

New sources of information

Detector technology is evolving with alternatives to inductive loops being developed and offered to traffic engineers. In addition, some technologies, e.g. vision processing, offer extra information beyond the simple present / not-present output of an inductive loop and other sources of information, e.g. ANPR, mobile phones etc., are potential sources of traffic information. The SCOOT owners want to make optimum use of available information and are conducting a feasibility study into the potential uses of a wide range of data sources.