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ASTRID - Automatic SCOOT Traffic Information Database

SCOOT is a valuable source of traffic information with its network wide detectors allowing a large amount of data to be obtained without large additional costs. The ASTRID database system has been developed to use information from SCOOT to provide a historical background of traffic conditions. The system continuously monitors and stores traffic conditions for later retrieval and analysis. The system can also act as a reference against which to compare current traffic conditions.

ASTRID image The ASTRID data is derived from a special format of SCOOT output which produces compressed data every minute. The data is processed to reduce the size of data files and stored in a form suitable for access by the database programs. This enables information on the current state of the network and the expected state of the network (based on historic data) to be accessible for use by other information or incident detection systems. Data displayed by ASTRID is either collected directly from SCOOT or calculated from stored information. The user can access and display both types of data in the same way. The following are the basic data items collected directly from SCOOT messages.

Basic ASTRID Data

The following data are collected directly from SCOOT messages and stored in the ASTRID database:

Other SCOOT data, such as degree of saturation on a link or stage lengths can also be collected.

Derived ASTRID Data

The following data are calculated from information provided by SCOOT, which is stored in the ASTRID database:

ASTRID Data Levels

Data is available at the following levels:


ASTRID provides the following types of graph, which may also be output as tabulated data: