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SCOOT - The world's leading adaptive traffic control system

Traffic congestion is an increasing problem in towns and cities worldwide. Local government authorities try to minimise the traffic problems by using a variety of traffic management methods. SCOOT (Split Cycle Offset Optimisation Technique) is a tool for managing and controlling traffic signals in urban areas. It is an adaptive system that responds automatically to fluctuations in traffic flow through the use of on-street detectors embedded in the road.

Some of the places SCOOT is used

SCOOT has proven to be a world leader in Urban Traffic Control that typically reduces traffic delay by an average of 20% in urban areas. SCOOT not only reduces delay and congestion but also contains other traffic management facilities such as:

This website is intended to draw the attention of traffic authorities, consultants and researchers to the advantages of SCOOT. Some authorities may not be aware of the benefits of installing the latest version of SCOOT. Others which already have SCOOT systems may not be getting the best out of them or appreciate the benefits of extending or updating them. SCOOT is continually being improved through research by TRL funded by DfT and the SCOOT suppliers.